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Management Studio provides a neat GUI interface to define maintenance plans for your SQL databases. This tool is available under Management -> Maintenance Plans and provides many great Maintenance Plan Tasks that you can configure easily. There are many useful tasks such as “Check Database Integrity Task”, “Back Up Database Task”, “Rebuild Index Task”, etc.

Linked servers allows to issue SQL commands against OLE DB providers. Because Microsoft also makes available an “OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers”, it is also possible to issue queries against a variety of ODBC drivers. With linked servers and distributed queries, you can query all sorts of data sources and merge them on the […]

On occasion I have seen Database Administrators enabling the SQL Server “Boost SQL Server priority” option. This option is available on the Server Properties Window under Processors:

The default value for SQL Server 2008 Maximum Server Memory setting is 2,147,483,647 MB (or 2.1 petabytes!). Therefore, by default, SQL Server will use all available memory for its own use: