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Ever so often, queries include some aggregates data. In a datawarehouse environment, they are frequently used for metric and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) calculations. Aggregates are also used a lot for reporting purposes and for┬ástatistical computation. When a query perform poorly, our first instinct is to add an index to speed it up. Creating a […]

The main reason why Microsoft introduced table variable in SQL Server 2000 is to reduce stored procedure recompilations (a recompilation occurs when the stored procedure execution plan is recreated). Table variables also have a well defined scope (the current procedure or function) and they induce less logging and locking (because their transaction last for a […]

The IN operator compares a value with a list of values. It must however be used with care when we are dealing with nulls. Let’s create a table containing three city names and a null value. The goal is check whether a city is in the list or not.

It is a common business case to have to reuse the auto-generated SQL Server’s IDENTITY value. One way to deal with the problem is to use the system function @@IDENTITY. For example: